As a fan of Alchemist Code, you may be wondering about the tier list for the year 2019. A tier list is an important guide that ranks each unit according to its usefulness in gameplay. The higher its rank, the more powerful it is in terms of stats, skills, and abilities.

First off, let’s define what the Alchemist Code is. It is a tactical role-playing game developed and published by Gumi Inc. The game features a turn-based battle system where you control a party of characters and defeat enemies in various missions and quests.

Now, let’s dive into the tier list for 2019. Keep in mind that these rankings may change over time, as new units are introduced and gameplay mechanics are adjusted.

S Tier:

Units in this tier are considered the cream of the crop. They have excellent stats, skills, and abilities that make them a must-have in any serious player’s roster.

Examples of S-tier units are Dark Laevateinn, Black Tyrfing, and Dark Artemis. These units have high damage output, fast movement speed, and powerful abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

A Tier:

Units in this tier are also quite powerful, but not as versatile as S-tier units. They can still be very useful in certain situations, but may not be as reliable as their higher-ranked counterparts.

Examples of A-tier units are Sakura, Yomi, and Flamel. These units have decent stats and abilities, but may require specific team compositions to shine.

B Tier:

Units in this tier are average in terms of power and usefulness. They can still do their job in battle, but may not be the best option in most situations.

Examples of B-tier units are Vanekis, Zangestu, and Jake. These units can still deal damage and support their teammates, but may struggle against stronger enemies or unfavorable terrain.

C Tier:

Units in this tier are considered weak and not recommended for serious play. They may have low stats, limited abilities, or simply not fit well into any team composition.

Examples of C-tier units are Strauss, Jake, and Polin. They may be useful in very specific situations, but are generally not reliable enough for high-level play.

In conclusion, the Alchemist Code tier list for 2019 is an important guide for players who want to build strong teams and compete at a high level. Keep in mind that these rankings are not set in stone and may change over time, so stay tuned for updates and adjustments. Happy gaming!

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