Alex Cross Movies In Order – A Guide To The Fascinating Crime Thriller Series

Are you a fan of crime thriller movies? Do you love the idea of solving complex crime cases by piecing together different clues? If yes, then you must have heard of the Alex Cross movies. Starring the talented and dynamic actor, Tyler Perry, these movies are based on the novels written by James Patterson.

For those who do not know, Alex Cross is a fictional detective and psychologist who is known for his exceptional skill in solving the toughest of cases. The film series began in 2012 with the release of “Alex Cross,” which was based on the novel titled “Cross.” Since then, there have been a total of three movies in the series.

Here is the list of Alex Cross movies in order of release –

1. Alex Cross (2012)

The first movie in the series, “Alex Cross,” is based on the twenty-first novel in the series, “Cross.” It follows the story of Alex Cross, who is tasked with tracking down a ruthless and sadistic killer named Picasso. With the help of his partner, Tommy Kane, and detective Monica Ashe, Cross tries to unravel the baffling clues to catch the killer.

2. Double Cross (2013)

After the success of the first movie, the producers of the series decided to make a sequel. However, instead of adapting a new novel, they opted to create an original story for the movie. “Double Cross” follows the story of Alex Cross as he investigates a complex case involving a serial killer who is targeting high-profile celebrities.

3. Cross (2020)

The latest and final movie in the series is “Cross,” which is based on the twenty-third novel in the series, “Cross Justice.” In this movie, Alex Cross returns to his hometown after learning about his cousin’s arrest for a heinous crime. As he tries to uncover the truth behind the arrest, he finds himself embroiled in a web of lies and deceit.

In conclusion, for fans of the crime thriller genre, the Alex Cross movies are a must-watch. With Tyler Perry’s impeccable acting skills and the intricate plotlines of James Patterson’s novels, these movies offer a captivating and compelling experience. So, if you haven’t already watched these movies, make sure to add them to your watchlist today!

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