Chick fil A Military Discount – Honoring Our Brave Heroes

As a nation, we always take great pride in paying tribute to our brave heroes serving in the military. Chick fil A, the popular fast food chain, too, acknowledges the sacrifices made by our servicemen and women and extends its thanks by offering a military discount at its outlets.

If you are a military personnel, retired veteran, or an immediate family member of a military staff, you can avail a 10% military discount at all Chick fil A restaurants. The discount is applicable on all meals and beverages, and it can be availed simply by presenting a valid military ID.

As a business, Chick fil A has always maintained a culture of respect and honor towards the military. The restaurant chain is known to offer several programs and initiatives to support and promote the welfare of our military personnel.

For instance, Chick fil A supports organizations such as the Fisher House Foundation, Operation Homefront, and the USO, which offer services and programs to benefit the military community. Additionally, the company also offers scholarships to military personnel, their spouses, and even students who have lost a parent in military service.

Chick fil A’s support for the military does not just end at offering a discount. Every year in November, the restaurant chain offers a free meal to all military personnel and veterans to mark Veterans Day. The offer is available to all veterans and active-duty personnel, irrespective of whether they have served in combat or not.

Besides, Chick fil A has also taken several initiatives to make its services more accessible for military personnel. For instance, the company offers a ‘Military Appreciation Night’ program, where it donates a percentage of the sales to the military organizations.

In conclusion, Chick fil A’s commitment and support to the military is admirable. The military discount offered by the restaurant chain is just one example of how businesses can show their respect and gratitude towards our brave heroes. So the next time you visit a Chick fil A outlet, don’t forget to thank the staff for their service towards the military community. And for our brave servicemen and women, enjoy your well-deserved discount and thank you for your service!

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