Dirty Harry Movies in Order- A Comprehensive List of the Iconic Action Thrillers

Dirty Harry, the fictional detective from San Francisco has been an iconic figure in pop culture for decades. The tough, no-nonsense lawman, known for his catchphrases and exemplary marksmanship, has featured in a series of action thrillers since the 1970s. If you’re new to the franchise or a longtime fan, this guide will give you a comprehensive list of the Dirty Harry movies in order.

1. Dirty Harry (1971)

The first movie in the series, Dirty Harry, introduced audiences to the character of Harry Callahan, a San Francisco cop who takes on a serial killer known as Scorpio. The movie’s climactic scene, in which Harry delivers his famous “Do I feel lucky?” speech, has become one of the most iconic moments in cinema history.

2. Magnum Force (1973)

Magnum Force sees Harry Callahan return to take on a group of vigilante cops who are executing criminals they deem unworthy of living. The movie features some of Dirty Harry’s most memorable lines and introduced the concept of Harry as a symbol of law and order in a corrupt system.

3. The Enforcer (1976)

Released in 1976, The Enforcer features Harry as he takes on a group of terrorists who have taken hostages in San Francisco. The movie marks the first time a female character, Inspector Kate Moore, is introduced to the franchise, and the character would go on to appear in subsequent sequels.

4. Sudden Impact (1983)

Sudden Impact, released in 1983, finds Harry traveling to a small town to investigate a murder. The movie is notable for introducing the character of Sondra Locke as Jennifer Spencer, a rape victim seeking revenge on her attackers.

5. The Dead Pool (1988)

The final movie in the Dirty Harry franchise, The Dead Pool, sees Harry investigating a series of celebrity murders in San Francisco. The movie features several big-name stars in supporting roles, including Jim Carrey and Liam Neeson.


Dirty Harry movies in order take you on a thrilling ride with the iconic character Harry Callahan played by Clint Eastwood. The action and suspense in these movies will keep you on the edge of your seat. This comprehensive list of Dirty Harry’s movies in order will help you get started on this incredible cinematic journey. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride with one of the most iconic characters in film history.

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