Are you a fan of the Final Destination movie franchise? Do you want to know the correct order in which to watch all the movies?

First on the list is the original Final Destination movie released in 2000, directed by James Wong. The movie follows a group of high school students cheated death when one of them has a premonition that the plane they are on is going to explode mid-air.

Next is Final Destination 2, released in 2003, directed by David R. Ellis. The movie also follows a group of people who cheat death but end up dying in seemingly accidental ways. The protagonist Kimberly’s premonition of a chain of fatal car accidents leads her and her companions, including the sole survivor of the first movie, to attempt to cheat death once again.

Following that is Final Destination 3, released in 2006 also directed by James Wong. The movie follows a group of high school students who visit an amusement park only to have their lives cut short.The movie’s protagonist Wendy has a premonition of the roller coaster failing and killing all the passengers aboard.

Fourth on the list is The Final Destination, released in 2009, directed by David R. Ellis. The movie follows Nick and his friends as they attend a car race, when Nick has a vision of a catastrophic accident with several casualties. The escape the stadium before the accident, but death chases them as they attempt to evade their premonition.

Finally, there’s the Final Destination 5, released in 2011, also directed by Steven Quale. Following the previous movies and the same concept of cheating death, the movie follows a group of workers on a bus to a retreat who die one by one in bizarre accidents after Sam has a premonition of their sudden deaths.

In conclusion, as a fan of the Final Destination franchise, it’s essential to watch the movies in order to properly understand the storylines and characters. Following the order listed above will give you a thrilling and exhilarating marathon experience.

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