As the trend of digital artwork and graphic designing is on the rise, so is the need for user-friendly software and apps that cater to the specific needs of digital artists. One such software application that has gained popularity among art enthusiasts and designers is the Ibis Paint Brush.

To make the process of sharing artworks and collaborating with others more efficient, Ibis Paint Brush has introduced a unique feature that has captured the attention of many users – the QR code.

What is an Ibis Paint Brush QR code?

In simple terms, QR code means Quick Response code, a two-dimensional barcode that contains information that can be scanned and read by a camera on a smartphone or tablet. The Ibis Paint Brush QR code is a unique code that can be generated within the app to share the artwork with others. This feature is immensely useful for digital artists as it simplifies the process of sharing and promoting their work.

How to generate an Ibis Paint Brush QR code?

Generating an Ibis Paint Brush QR code is a quick and easy process. Once you have finished creating your artwork, simply click on the share button and select the option to generate a QR code. The app will then generate a code that you can share on any platform, such as social media, messaging apps or email.

What are the benefits of the Ibis Paint Brush QR code?

The Ibis Paint Brush QR code is a game-changer for the digital artists’ community. Here are some benefits of this feature:

1. Improved Accessibility – With the QR code generated, the artwork can be shared with a broader audience, including those who don’t use the Ibis Paint Brush app. Users can scan the code and gain access to the artwork and the artist’s portfolio.

2. Time-Saving – Generating an Ibis Paint Brush QR code takes a few seconds, making it a time-saving option for artists who need to share their work quickly.

3. Promotion – By sharing the QR code on a broader platform, artists can promote their work to a diverse audience, engage with fans, and gain more visibility.

In conclusion, The Ibis Paint Brush QR code is a useful tool for all digital artists and designers. It simplifies the process of sharing and promoting artworks and saves a lot of time. With the QR code generator, artists can share their work on a broader platform, allowing them to gain more visibility and recognition.

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