If you are a fan of comedy movies, then you must have heard about the iconic Jackass franchise. The Jackass series has been an immensely popular franchise in the comedy genre that has fans all across the world. The series features a group of pranksters and their crazy and hilarious stunts that are sure to leave you in splits. In this article, we will be discussing the Jackass movies in order and what makes each of them unique.

Jackass: The Movie (2002)

The first movie in the Jackass series was released in the year 2002, and it was a huge success. The movie features the entire cast of the Jackass TV series, including Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, and many others. The movie is a collection of outrageous and dangerous stunts that are sure to leave you gasping for breath. The film also includes bonus material such as behind-the-scenes footage and deleted scenes.

Jackass Number Two (2006)

Four years after the release of the first movie, the sequel to the Jackass franchise was released. The second movie was even crazier and more hilarious than the first. The movie features the cast taking ridiculous stunts to a whole new level, such as sliding down a giant slip-and-slide covered in poo. The second movie also includes a special performance by the late Ryan Dunn, who tragically passed away in 2011.

Jackass 3D (2010)

The third movie in the franchise was released in 2010, and it was the first movie to be shot in 3D. The third movie is just as wild and crazy as the previous two, with even more insane stunts and pranks. In addition to the usual cast, the movie also introduces a new member, Eric “Danger” Watts. The 3D element adds a whole new dimension to the stunts, making them even more intense.

Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa (2013)

This movie is a bit different from the previous three as it features a storyline and characters rather than just a collection of stunts. The movie follows the character of Irving Zisman, played by Johnny Knoxville, as he takes his grandson on a road trip across the country. The movie is hilarious, but it also has a touch of heartwarming moments that add to its appeal.

Jackass Forever (2021)

The latest and final movie in the franchise is set to release in October 2021. The movie will feature the usual cast, including Johnny Knoxville and Bam Margera, along with some new faces. Not much is known about the movie yet, but it is bound to be as hilarious and outrageous as the previous movies.

In conclusion, the Jackass movies are a must-watch for any fan of comedy and outrageous stunts. Each movie brings something unique to the table, making the franchise an iconic name in the film industry. Whether you are a fan of the original TV series or just looking for a good laugh, the Jackass movies are sure to deliver on all fronts.

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