Monsters Inc Code 2319: The Hidden Easter Egg in Pixar’s Classic Film

If you’re a fan of Pixar’s Monsters Inc, you may have heard of the infamous “Code 2319” scene. This iconic moment in the film has become a beloved Easter egg for fans of the movie. But what exactly is Code 2319, and how did it become such a fan favorite? Let’s dive in and find out.

What is Code 2319?

In Monsters Inc, Code 2319 is a serious situation that refers to a human object or item that has made its way into the monster world. When a sock from a child’s bedroom is accidentally brought into the factory at Monsters Inc, a monster shouts “We have a 2319!” to alert his colleagues. The monster is then shaved bald and decontaminated, highlighting the significance of a 2319 situation.

Why is it so popular?

The reason Code 2319 has become such a fan favorite is due to its subtle, yet effective, inclusion in the film. For years, Pixar fans have combed through their favorite movies searching for hidden Easter eggs, and Code 2319 is perhaps one of the most cleverly placed. The scene is only a few seconds long, and yet it has become a staple in Monsters Inc fandom.

In addition to its clever placement, Code 2319 carries a deeper significance for fans. It highlights the dangerous, yet hilarious, nature of the monster world. The idea that a simple human object could cause such chaos and panic in the monsters is both amusing and endearing.

How has it influenced pop culture?

The influence of Code 2319 can be seen in pop culture today. The code has become a popular reference in memes, social media posts, and fan art. It has even been referenced in other films and TV shows. For example, in an episode of The Simpsons, Bart Simpson causes a 2319 situation by leaving his lucky red hat at a Krusty Burger.

Additionally, the popularity of Code 2319 has led to its inclusion in other Monsters Inc media. The code is referenced in the film’s video game adaptation, as well as its sequel Monsters University.


Overall, Code 2319 is a beloved Easter egg that has captured the hearts of Monsters Inc fans around the world. Its clever placement and subtle humor have made it a pop culture staple. So, the next time you watch Monsters Inc, keep an eye out for the infamous Code 2319 scene. It’s a small moment in the film, but one that carries a lot of meaning for fans.

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