The Mystic Statue in Animal Crossing: Everything You Need to Know

Animal Crossing is a classic game loved by both children and adults. It’s a simulation game that’s all about building your own world and living your life in your own way. One of the most interesting features of Animal Crossing is the collection of statues you can obtain, such as the Mystic Statue. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the Mystic Statue in Animal Crossing.

What is the Mystic Statue?

The Mystic Statue is one of the many statues that can be found in Animal Crossing. It is a bronze statue of a woman holding a crystal ball, with intricate designs etched into the pedestal. It is a beautiful and mysterious statue that players often struggle to obtain, due to its rarity.

How can you get the Mystic Statue?

Getting the Mystic Statue in Animal Crossing is not an easy task, as it is one of the rarest and most sought-after statues in the game. The most common way to obtain it is to purchase it from Redd, the fox who visits your island occasionally to sell rare items. However, be careful when buying from Redd, as he is known to sell fake versions of many of the statues in the game.

Another way to get the Mystic Statue is to go to another player’s island and purchase it from them. You can also trade items with other players to get the statue.

Is the Mystic Statue worth it?

The Mystic Statue is definitely worth it for collectors and players who are looking to complete their statue collection. It is a beautiful and rare statue that will add a unique touch to any player’s island. Additionally, it can be sold for a significant amount of Bells, making it a valuable asset.


The Mystic Statue is one of the most sought-after statues in Animal Crossing. Although it can be difficult to obtain, it is a beautiful and valuable addition to any collection. Whether you are a seasoned player or new to the game, the Mystic Statue is definitely worth striving for. So, keep your eyes peeled for Redd’s visits, trade with other players and get your hands on this amazing statue today!

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