Oak Tree in Stardew Valley: A Comprehensive Guide

The oak tree is a valuable asset in Stardew Valley, providing both beauty and resources for the player. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to know about the oak tree and its properties.

What is an Oak Tree?

The oak tree is a large, deciduous tree that can be found on the player’s farm or throughout the valley. It originates from the Quercus genus, which comprises about 600 species worldwide. In Stardew Valley, it is one of the most valuable species of tree, providing high-quality wood for construction and crafting purposes.

How to Plant an Oak Tree in Stardew Valley

Planting an oak tree requires access to the acorn, which can be obtained by shaking a mature oak tree or buying from the traveling merchant cart. Once you have the acorn, plant it in the desired spot on your farm. The oak tree will take 28 days to mature and then will produce acorns of its own. It is essential to know that an oak tree should be planted in an area where it has enough space to grow to full maturity, as it can get quite large.

Uses of an Oak Tree in Stardew Valley

The oak tree serves various purposes in Stardew Valley, making it an essential asset to the player. The primary use of the tree is to provide wood, which is needed for various constructions, craftings, and upgrades. It provides some of the most valuable hardwood in the game, which is used to craft important items like Quality Sprinklers and the Junimo Huts.

It is also essential to use the tree for aesthetic purposes on your farm. For example, you could plant the trees and create a small orchard or line them up to create a straight path. Alternatively, you could use it to create a boundary for your farmland.


In conclusion, the oak tree is a valuable addition to any farm in Stardew Valley. It provides high-quality wood that is crucial in crafting essential items and constructions, allowing you to progress in the game. Furthermore, its aesthetic value makes it a worthwhile addition to your farm, adding beauty and diversity in the environment. So, plant an oak tree today and enjoy the many benefits it has to offer.

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