If you’re a senior citizen looking for delicious and affordable pizza options, Papa Murphy’s has got you covered. With their senior discount program, you can enjoy your favourite pizza at a reduced price, making it easier for you to indulge in your cravings while staying within your budget.

Papa Murphy’s is a take-and-bake pizza chain known for their freshly prepared pizzas made from scratch using high-quality ingredients. Their focus has always been on providing their customers with delicious and healthy pizzas that can be enjoyed in the comfort of their own homes. To make their pizzas even more accessible, Papa Murphy’s offers a senior discount program that helps seniors save money on their pizza purchases.

To qualify for the senior discount, you must be 55 or above and show a valid ID at the time of purchase. The discount varies by location, but it’s typically around 10% off your total purchase. This means you can enjoy your favourite pizza at a reduced price without compromising on the taste or quality.

Papa Murphy’s menu is extensive, with options catering to all taste buds. From classic pepperoni to gourmet options like Thai chicken and bacon mac and cheese, there’s something for everyone. You can also customize your pizza by choosing the type of crust, sauce, and toppings to suit your preferences.

In addition to their pizza offerings, Papa Murphy’s also has a range of salads, sides and desserts to complete your meal. You can choose from fresh salads like the Mediterranean or Caesar salads, sides such as cheesy bread or cinnamon wheel, and desserts like cookie dough or s’mores pizza.

In conclusion, Papa Murphy’s senior discount program is a great way for seniors to enjoy high-quality, delicious pizzas at a reduced price. With a variety of options to choose from and the ability to customize your pizza, there’s something for everyone at Papa Murphy’s. So grab your senior ID and head to your nearest Papa Murphy’s location to indulge in a piping hot pizza today!

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