If you are an avid player of Pokémon Go, then you’ll know the importance of having a referral code. It can give you a great advantage by granting you access to exclusive items and bonuses that are available only through the referral code system. In this article, we will discuss all things about Pokémon Go referral codes and how you can get them.

What Exactly is a Pokémon Go Referral Code?

A referral code is a unique code that grants access to exclusive in-game benefits, mainly the referral bonus. These bonuses typically contain premium items, rare monsters, and extra Pokémon currency. Players can use these codes to invite and recruit others to join the game, leading to a win-win situation for both parties.

Where to Find a Pokémon Go Referral Code?

The best way to get a referral code is from someone already playing Pokémon Go. If you don’t know any current players, don’t worry, there are still a few options available to you. Many communities and social media groups dedicated to Pokémon and Pokémon Go have users sharing their referral codes regularly. You can also check the official Pokémon Go website, where the company might offer referral codes.

How to Use a Pokémon Go Referral Code?

Using a referral code is quite easy. First, you need to have an invitation code from a friend or group. Once you have the code, log in to your account, click the “settings” icon, and select “referral code”. Paste the code there and click submit. You’ll immediately receive your bonus.

Benefits of a Pokémon Go Referral Code

There are a number of benefits to having a referral code. Here are some of the most important ones.

1. Exclusive Items and Bonuses – The best part of a referral code is the exclusive access it grants you to items and bonuses which are not available through other means.

2. Extra Currency – The best way to advance in the game or buy new stuff is by earning Pokémon currency. You can’t buy this currency, but you can earn extra currency through referral bonuses.

3. You Help Each Other – Finally, inviting friends or others to join the game through your referral code does more than just your pocketbook or in-game success – it also helps fellow players, by expanding the player base and rendering the game more engaging.


If you play Pokémon Go actively, you must get hold of a referral code to make the whole gaming experience more enjoyable. You attract others to the game and receive premium items in return. Referral codes are easy to use and are available both through the official Pokémon Go website and through social media groups. Get yourself a referral code now and take advantage of all the exclusive bonuses!

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