Sentry Safe Reset Code: How to Retrieve Your Code

Have you forgotten the code to your Sentry safe? No need to panic, as this happens to many people. Luckily, Sentry safe has provided a simple solution to reset your safe code. Here, we will discuss how to retrieve your sentry safe reset code and gain access to your valuables moments from now.

1. Find Your Safe Key

Before you proceed with reseting your sentry safe, you will need to locate your safe key. This key unlocks your safe in case of battery failure or a forgotten code. If you haven’t already, go ahead and find your safe key.

2. Download Your Safe Manual

Next, you will need to download your sentry safe manual. If you no longer have the manual, you can easily find it online. Simply go to Sentry Safe’s website and search for your safe model. Once you find your safe model, download its manual to your device.

3. Locate Your Safe’s Serial Number

The next step is to locate your safe’s serial number. You can find this number on the front of your safe or on the packaging. Once you have the serial number, look it up in your safe manual. The manual should provide you explicit instructions on how to obtain your reset code.

4. Dial Your Safe’s Factory Code

After you have retrieved your reset code, it’s time to unlock your safe. Start by dialing your safe’s factory code. The factory code should be listed in your safe manual or on the back of your safe. Once you enter the factory code, turn the safe’s handle clockwise and pull the safe’s door open.

5. Enter Your Reset Code

Now, it’s time to enter your reset code. First, ensure that the safe’s door is open. Then, enter the reset code that you retrieved in step three. After entering your reset code, turn the handle clockwise once again. You should hear a click, indicating that your code was accepted.

6. Test Your New Code

Your Sentry Safe reset code has been successfully changed. Now, it’s important to test your new code to ensure that everything works properly. Start by locking your safe. Then, enter your new code to unlock it. Repeat this process several times to make sure that your code is correct.

In conclusion, forgetting your Sentry safe code can be a frustrating experience. Fortunately, Sentry safe provides a simple solution to retrieve your code promptly. Follow the above steps to retrieve your Sentry Safe reset code and gain access to your valuables easily. Always keep your key and manual safe, as these will make the process of resetting your code much easier in the future.

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