Enjoy Fishing for the Rare Lava Eel in Stardew Valley

Have you been playing Stardew Valley and looking for an exciting challenge? Why not head down to the mine and try to catch a Lava Eel? This fish is quite rare, especially during certain seasons, so it can be a tough catch. However, with a few tips and tricks, you can easily add this fish to your collection and complete your fishing goals. Let’s explore more about this fish and how to catch it.

What is a Lava Eel?

The Lava Eel is a type of fish found in Stardew Valley living exclusively in the Underground Mine. It is a rare fish that only spawns during certain seasons and in certain levels of the mine. In fact, you can only catch it on levels 100-120 of the mine! This fish has a low bite rate, so you need to be patient and persistent to catch one. But once you do, it can be sold for a high price, making it a coveted catch.

Tips for Catching a Lava Eel

Below are some tips to help you catch a Lava Eel:

1. Timing is everything – The lava eel is only available from spring to winter, and only appears in the levels 100-120 of the Underground Mine. So, make sure your timing is right.

2. Use the right bait – This fish prefers Magnet bait, which you can buy or craft. But you can also use other baits as well.

3. Upgrade your fishing rod – A higher-quality fishing rod can increase your chances of catching rare fish. So, make sure you have an upgraded fishing rod before attempting to catch a Lava Eel.

4. Level up your fishing skill – The higher your fishing skill, the easier it will be to catch a Lava Eel. So, practice fishing in other areas and level up your fishing skills.


Overall, catching a Lava Eel in Stardew Valley is no easy feat, but it is worth the effort. With proper timing, bait, fishing equipment, and skill, you can reel in this amazing fish and add it to your collection. So, head on over to the Underground Mine and start fishing today!

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