Subnautica Cabin 1 Code: How to Find and Enter the Hidden Safe

Subnautica is an immersive underwater adventure game that challenges you to explore the depths of a vast alien ocean, where danger lurks at every turn. As you explore the alien world and unravel its mysteries, you will come across a variety of hidden secrets and areas. One such area is the Cabin 1, a hidden safe room that requires a code to enter. In this article, we will guide you on how to find the Subnautica Cabin 1 Code and enter this hidden safe.

Where to Find the Subnautica Cabin 1 Code?

Before we dive into the details of entering the code, let’s first understand where to find it. The Subnautica Cabin 1 Code can be found in the Aurora, the massive spaceship that crashed on the planet. You will need to explore the Aurora and find the captain’s cabin. Once you reach the captain’s cabin, you will find a PDA with a voice log that contains the Subnautica Cabin 1 Code.

Entering the Subnautica Cabin 1 Code

Once you have found the PDA with the code, you can now proceed to the Subnautica Cabin 1. The Cabin 1 is located in the Mushroom Forest biome, north of the Aurora. To enter the Cabin 1, you will need to find the entrance, which is located near a tree with pink leaves. Once you find the entrance, you will see a keypad where you can enter the Subnautica Cabin 1 Code.

The code for the Cabin 1 is 1869. Enter the code and press enter. The door will now unlock, and you can enter the Cabin 1. The Cabin 1 contains a variety of resources, including a Nuclear Reactor Fragment, a Water Filtration Machine Fragment, and a Rebreather Blueprint.


Finding and entering the Subnautica Cabin 1 Code is a thrilling experience in the game. It allows you to access a hidden safe that contains valuable resources. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can easily find the code and enter the Cabin 1. Happy exploring in the underwater world of Subnautica!

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