The Code (2014 TV Series): A Must-Watch for Fans of Political Thrillers

Are you looking for a TV series that will keep you on the edge of your seat with its gripping plot, intense drama, and solid acting performances? Look no further than The Code, a critically acclaimed Australian political thriller that premiered in 2014 on ABC TV.

The plot revolves around two brothers, Ned and Jesse Banks, who are polar opposites in every way. Ned (Dan Spielman) is a brilliant but socially awkward hacker, while Jesse (Ashley Zukerman) is a charismatic and ambitious journalist. When a mysterious crime involving a young woman’s murder and a drone attack is uncovered, the brothers team up to investigate, embarking on a dangerous journey that will challenge their beliefs and test their loyalty.

One of the strongest aspects of The Code is its realistic portrayal of the intersection between politics, media, and technology. The show tackles complex issues such as surveillance, privacy, immigration, and corruption with nuance and sophistication, avoiding simplistic black-and-white portrayals. It exposes the flaws and contradictions of the Australian political system, as well as the ethical dilemmas faced by journalists in the digital age. Moreover, it offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of cybercrime, hacking, and whistleblowing, which have become increasingly relevant in our interconnected society.

Another highlight of The Code is its superb cast, which includes some of the finest actors in Australia. Dan Spielman is outstanding as Ned, embodying the awkwardness, intelligence, and vulnerability of the character with subtlety and depth. Ashley Zukerman is equally impressive as Jesse, bringing a natural charm and intensity to his role. Other notable performances come from Adele Perovic as Ned’s love interest, Lucy Lawless as a senior government official, and David Wenham as a ruthless businessman.

In terms of production value, The Code is a feast for the eyes and ears. The cinematography is breathtakingly beautiful, capturing the rugged landscapes and urban decay of Outback Australia with stunning precision. The music score is haunting and atmospheric, enhancing the mood and tension of each scene. The editing and pacing are also top-notch, ensuring that the story never drags or feels predictable.

If you’re a fan of TV shows like House of Cards, Homeland, or The West Wing, you’ll definitely find a lot to love in The Code. It’s a thought-provoking and entertaining thriller that doesn’t shy away from tackling complex issues head-on. And with two seasons available to binge-watch, you’ll be hooked from start to finish. So why not give it a try? The code is waiting for you.

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