Are you trying to upgrade your wind staff but cannot find the right code? Look no further, in this article we will discuss the wind staff upgrade code and the steps to follow for a successful upgrade.

Firstly, the wind staff upgrade code can be found by completing the Maxis Drone Easter egg on the Origins map in Call of Duty: Black Ops II. This might seem like a daunting task, but it is worth it for the upgrade. Once you have completed the Easter egg, you will receive the wind staff upgrade code – 872.

Now that you have the code, follow these steps for a successful upgrade:

1. Head to the crazy place located in the center of the map.

2. Use the jump pad to get to the top of the excavation site.

3. Use the upgraded wind staff to shoot the four energy balls located around the excavation site.

4. Once all four balls have been shot, a chamber will open up revealing the Elemental Crystal.

5. Make sure you have all four Elemental Crystals in the pillar located in the crazy place.

6. Use the wind staff to shoot the Elemental Crystals in the correct order – blue, yellow, red, purple.

7. Congratulations, your wind staff is now upgraded to the ultimate wind staff.

In conclusion, obtaining the wind staff upgrade code might seem like a difficult task but it is well worth the effort. The upgraded wind staff is a game changer and can help you survive longer in the game. Remember to follow the steps carefully for a successful upgrade. Happy gaming!

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